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Duduma Eye Glasses

Looking for a unique and stylish zenni women's retro cat-eyeprescription glasses? look no further than these tortoiseshell plastic frame glasses. These glasses are a great value for your money and will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

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The zenni womens cat-eye prescription glasses are the perfect solution for those needing to see with your "eye" looking out the window. These eye glasses are made from brown frame and have a small hole in the back for your free hand to look through.
the zenni women's cat-eye prescription glasses are a great pair of sunglasses for those bright, noon hour moments. With their eye-catching zenni design, these glasses will help you stay on your best friend while on the go. The snap-on sunlens frame is a great addition to any look, and provides good protection against summer sun.
looking for a sneaky cat-eye prescription sunglasses set that will make your spy work easier? look no further than the zenni womens cat-eye presbsections glasses. These sunglasses have an eye-catching zenni frame, making them perfect for both working and pleasure. With their tortoiseshell plastic frame, these glasses will make you look like a pro, no matter what.